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The artisanal production

We simply preserve what nature offers us


Porcini mushrooms fresh, dried or in oil, vegetable preserves, sauces, jams and marmalades. For more than 20 years our laboratory has produced homemade preserves. We are committed to making products that will be appreciated from what nature offers, selecting them and simply preserving them using traditional methods combined with advanced cooking techniques that bring out the characteristics but respect the qualities of the product and exalt its goodness.

The product that makes us unique is the porcini mushroom because in our woods that are hundreds of years old, in autumn the number of mushrooms to be found is always very rewarding and preserving them is a local tradition.

The raw material


Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms! Porcini mushrooms but also chanterelles, charbonnier, red pine and honey fungus mushrooms. We preserve them dried and under olive oil but we also make spreads and sauces. And also vegetables preserved in EVO oil such as artichokes from Albenga, peppers from Carmagnola, “trombetta” courgettes from Liguria and the spectacular starter, the vegetable mix that is an assault on the senses. And finally preserves and jams created with fresh seasonal fruit, in particular the jams made from “chinotto” from Savona and apricots from Valleggia stand out, both Slow Food Presidia, Pernambucco oranges from Finale Ligure, cherries from Castelbianco but also tangerines from Ciaculli and many other all natural mouthwatering delicacies. A special mention for the chestnuts dried in the traditional “tecci” of Calizzano and Murialdo, a Slow Food Presidia, with which we create jams, chestnuts in syrup and biscuits.

The production methods


In the laboratory we use advanced cooking techniques, such as vacuum sealed, aimed at preserving the sensory characteristics of the products, exalting these characteristics while at the same time respecting the naturalness and goodness. The production is all done by hand and requires experience and a passion for the job you do.

For our products we use only fresh seasonal produce, except in the case of mushrooms where we use both the fresh product as well as in brine.

To guarantee greater freshness and duration the porcini mushrooms in brine are prepared at the time the order is made and so reach our clients as soon as they have been packaged.

Our clients are mainly specialised shops, delicatessens, wine bars and restaurants throughout Italy and abroad.