Dried Porcini mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are a concentration of flavours and smells.
With the traditional drying process used in our laboratories, the flavour and aroma of the mushrooms are exalted and maintained over time. Maybe not everyone knows that from 1 kg of fresh mushrooms you obtain approximately 100 grams of dried mushrooms!


Which product should I choose?
To preserve their characteristics, the porcini mushrooms are prepared as soon as they have been collected. Once dried they are selected and subdivided, by law, into categories of which the main three are:
“Extra” which has almost perfect slices of a light colour tending towards white, for the most part whole.
“Special” that has slices of a slightly darker colour, not always whole.
And lastly “commercial” that has decidedly dark slices tending towards brown, and mainly broken pieces.

The categories don’t necessarily represent the scale of taste. A product made from pieces broken during the preparation phase can be easily just as tasty and fragrant as one that appears whole to the eye. And vice versa a “nice looking” product is not automatically the tastiest!


How to use them in cooking

Dried porcini mushrooms are an important ingredient in traditional Italian cooking, as the main ingredient in risottos, sauces, meat dishes and vegetable side dishes and even with fish.
The best way of maintaining the product is in a freezer bag in the freezer.
Before being used the product should be soaked for 10-15 minutes in warm water. Once filtered the water can be used in the cooking process.


Our selection of products:

Dried porcini mushrooms “extra quality”

Dried porcini mushrooms “special quality”

Dried porcini mushrooms “commercial quality”


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