Our jams and marmalades bring joy to everyone, small miracles of nature and love.

Today (unfortunately) every kind of fruit is available all year round. But nature and its rhythms should be respected. For this reason we only make products that respect seasonality and the territory, using a variety of selected fresh fruits, just picked, just ripe enough and cooked at a low temperature with only organic brown sugar added, to preserve the taste and natural sensory qualities.

The fruit that we use mainly comes from local farmers but you cannot make the best preserves if you do not use the best ingredients and so we go and look for them where the earth, the care of small farmers and the climate make them such.


Which product should I choose?

If you like a voluptuous taste and consistency choose strawberries, peaches with bitter orange flower water (Slow Food Presidium), cherries from Castelbianco (Arca Slow Food), black figs, wild blackberries or apricots from Valleggia (Slow Food Presidium); if instead you prefer contrasts and freshness try the Chinotto di Savona (Slow Food Presidium), bitter oranges or Pernambucco oranges, and raspberries; and if you would like to rediscover tastes from the past try rhubarb and mulberries. But it doesn’t end here… every year we go in search of new products and producers to give you new flavours.


How to use them in the kitchen?

Ideal for breakfast or at tea-time but also combined with cheese. Try for example the Valleggia apricot preserve with the traditional combination of fresh goats’ cheese, perfect also as a dessert; or Pernambucco orange marmalade used to fill the small “gobeletti”, little tarts made from short crust pastry.


Our selection of products

Strawberries jam
Peaches and bitter orange flowers jam (Slow Food Presidium )
Castelbianco cherries jam (Arca del Gusto Slow Food)
Valleggia apricots jam (Slow Food Presidium )
Black figues jam
Raspberry jam
Black mulberry jam
Wild blackberries jam
Rhubarb jam

Savona “Chinotto” citrus marmalade (Slow Food Presidium )
“Pernambucco” orange marmalade
Bitter orange marmalade
Ciaculli tangerine marmalade (Slow Food Presidium )


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