Porcini mushrooms in EVO oil

Mushrooms evoke a memory of autumn, mystery, adventure, experiences.
Their flavour and their aroma will seduce you. Following our recipe, the mushrooms are first cleaned and then blanched using water, white wine vinegar, white wine, fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices. And, once they have cooled down, they are preserved in only Italian Extra Vergin Olive oil to exalt the quality and the goodness of the product.


Which product is best to choose?
The porcini mushrooms of the type boletus pinicola are the rarest, crisp and suited to being preserved in oil.
Whole mushrooms are prepared using smaller examples. Whereas sliced and “carpaccio” versions are prepared with medium sized, young mushrooms.
The “carpaccio” versions are porcini mushrooms cut julienne style and seasoned with aromatic herbs. In the end the blend is the same as that for the sliced mushrooms but prepared with leftovers from this preparation.


How to use them in the kitchen?
Mushrooms in oil are perfect as a starter or as a side dish accompanying main dishes especially meat, cured meats, salads and vegetables or to prepare a special “bruschetta”. They cannot however be used to make pasta dishes or risotto.


Our product range

Porcini mushrooms “testa nera” whole

Porcini mushrooms “testa nera” in slices

Carpaccio of Porcini mushrooms “testa nera”

Porcini mushrooms “testa nera” cut in bulk

Porcini mushrooms “bianchi”whole

Porcini mushrooms  “bianchi”in slices

Porcini mushrooms “bianchi” cut in bulk


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