Many of our products in oil sold in jars are also sold loose for professional use, in particular the mushrooms (whole, cut thick or fine depending on the use) and artichokes.

The recipes and the production method are the same but the product is then vacuum packed covered in the liquid used for cooking and sold in packages of 3 or 4 kg.

Correctly preserved, covered by the liquid and kept in a fridge between 0 and 4 degrees celsius the product lasts for a year.

The product can be served loose or as a starter combined with other foods and can be used in the preparation of many different dishes.

Ideally we recommend draining the product though not totally so that some liquid is maintained on the surface.


Our selection of products

Porcini mushrooms “testa nera”
Porcini mushrooms “bianchi”
Funghi di muschio
Chiodini nameco
Misto bosco
Misto funghi


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