“Sauces can be combined with many types of food and this makes them an ideal companion, that means it is worthwhile spending a little time and effort to obtain a good preserve” (Pellegrino Artusi)


 Which product should I choose?

The first sauce that we created in our laboratory is again the result of our love of porcini mushrooms! In fact it came into being from the requests of many clients for a recipe for a traditional red sauce made with porcini, and this started off a small line of production which combines tomato puree and local ingredients such as chanterelle mushrooms and courgettes, hazelnuts, aubergines, olives and basil.


How to use them in the kitchen

They just need to be heated bain-marie and then used as a sauce for pasta, both dried or fresh pasta.


Our selection of products:

Tomatoes and porcini mushrooms

Tomatoes, trombetta courgettes and chanterelle mushrooms

Tomatoes and hazelnuts

Tomatoes and aubergines

Tomatoes, olives and basil


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